Recommendations #016

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Hey friend! Yesterday I announced the 90 Day Reset Course and we already got our first two purchases. This self-paced coaching course is for curious people that believe that transformation is possible. Snag a $50 discount by entering the code “PRESALE” before December 1.

The holidays can be a bit of a bummer for many people. Here are a few ways to deal with the holiday blues. 

Salary Story: How I Secured A $40k Raise Working In Education (via Refinery 29)

I’m committed to cooking at home, even though I hate cooking. And I’ve recently fallen in love with chickpeas. Here are 25 chickpea recipes that are healthy, hearty, and delicious.

My favorite podcast to listen to before bed is You Are Good. This feelings podcast about movies is a favorite because each episode feels like I’m talking with friends about some classic movie I enjoyed. I really enjoyed this episode about Romeo + Juliet.

I revamped the SoCurious site recently and it’s low key cute. One of my life goals is to go back to the old school blog days where you could check the site and see a new post every day. We’re not there yet, but maybe in 2023. 

PS. Here’s an unsolicited compliment: I like the way your brain works.