Recommendations #017

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Here are a few reasons why you may need a reset. 

My book launches next week. I still genuinely can’t believe it. I would be honored if you preordered a copy (or a few). There are 2000 on backorder. Your preorders help drive this number up. 

I’m knee deep in a thriller called The Personal Assistant by Kimberly Belle. It follows the dark side of digital media when a mommy blogger’s assistant goes missing. It’s a little cheesy, but I also can’t put it down. 

When I’m feeling under the weather, my go-to remedy is elderberry liquid extract. Combine this with chicken and rice soup, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, and rest and your body is sure to heal. (Also I’m not a doctor and this is not medical advice)

My favorite chicken and rice soup recipe.

While I was on my sick-cation I watched the new Scott Pilgrim Takes Off anime on Netflix. I’ve written before about how much the movie affected my creative brain. This article explains how the creator was able to reboot a classic with a new twist.