SoCurious helps creative people find small but meaningful breakthroughs in personal development, career, and creativity.

About the founder

I’ve had my fair share of resets.

There was the time I left my safe and secure full-time job to open a graphic design studio.

There was a beautiful relationship that changed my life trajectory.

And the breakup that changed my life trajectory again.

There was the decision to close down my design studio and become a Creative Director for a social media agency.

There was the decision to go to therapy. The decision to start working out regularly. To practice meditation. To eat healthier.

Launching a weekly wellness newsletter.

The move to a new city where I knew no one and started over from scratch.

Making new friends. Losing old friends. Reconnecting with the most unexpected people.

There was a pandemic.

And the career pivot from advertising to tech. From Creative Director to Director of Marketing.

There was self-publishing a book. Then getting a book deal. Because the universe always has jokes.

And once again, quitting my safe and secure full-time job to chase my dream of being an artist, speaker, and creative consultant.

My name is Justin Shiels and I’m the founder of SoCurious, a platform that inspires creative people to live more intentional lives. We all know that change is constant, and I started this community because I want to share practical tips for resilience.

The Manifesto