Recommendations #015

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I chat with Taylor on the Inner Warmup podcast about liberation through improvisation. This is a part of her series on the importance of play and is one of the first times I got to chat extensively about my experience doing improv. 

Building on that, here’s an article about how to find joy through play as an adult

I made this last night for dinner. Let me tell you, “delicious” doesn’t even begin to describe it. 

There’s finally a landing page for the Reset Workbook. Check it out to learn more about my new book that debuts December 5. 

Sometimes it takes me a long time to execute on a vision. A few months ago I was talking with my friend Evelyn and I revealed that my dream is to just draw and talk about feelings. I finally made the first video that brings that vision to life. 

This question has been top of mind recently: Are we too busy to enjoy life?

PS. Next week I’m announcing the companion course for the Reset Workbook. (Have you pre-ordered your copy yet?) The 90 Day Reset is 12-week self-guided coaching program and the first step in transitioning SoCurious into a learning platform. I’m incredibly excited for this transition and hopeful that my vision for the brand connects with you, beautiful human.