Recommendations #012

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There are officially 49 days until the release of my new book, The Reset Workbook. One of the best and most meaningful ways to support me and the work that I do is to pre-order your copy from Amazon. For every preorder, Amazon will purchase two additional copies. If you have the resources to preorder five copies that’s even better. 

Finding new inspiration is challenging, but I’m loving these gorgeous vintage Soviet art and propaganda posters.

I’m in my smoothie era and I’m obsessing over the Unsweetened Organic Açaí Puree Packets from Trader Joe’s (This is not an ad, I’m just really obsessed)

Here are 20 questions to elevate your friendships

This podcast episode on Ozempic from Maintenance Phase was illuminating. This weightloss drug hailed as the new end to the “obseity epidemic” might not be as wonderful as it seems. 

I started pulling tarot cards daily and I’m in love with this tarot deck

This animated explainer video on Tiktok, stopped me in my tracks: The Sanity of Madness.