May 2023 Recommendations

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In The Weekly Reset, I share recommendations of interesting things I found on the internet. Here’s a collection of links for May.

Something to watch:

I binged Queen Charlotte on Netflix this weekend and I agree with this Variety article: it is the best Bridgerton yet. 

Something I made:

A Day in the Life of an Awkward Black Creative 

Something worth reading:

Inspired to improve relationships, a writer revamps her communication skills. 

Some creative inspiration:

Here are 5 simple ways to beat procrastination

Some fun news:

I was featured on the Society6 Instagram!!!! 


Speaking of which, here’s a link to my new collection I created for Society6.

Something to watch:

Watching the first episode of Documentary Now on Netflix was as delightful as the first time I watched Portlandia. If you watch a lot of documentaries and love dry humor, you will probably enjoy this show. Read the NYTimes review

Something Justin made:

I created a second A Day in the Life of an Awkward Black CreativeThis time I went to Trader Joe’s. Is this my thing now? 

An interesting read:

5 Financial Wellness Tips We Wish We’d Known In Our 20s (via The Good Trade)


Something Justin made:

I drew a cute illustration of Queen Charlotte. This art style is something I definitely want to explore more. 

A podcast to listen to:

I’m watching Rupaul’s Drag Race: All Stars and I love listening to Bob and Monet’s commentary after the show on their podcast Sibling Rivalry

Something to purchase:

I’ve always sweat more than the average human. And I just learned the magic of moisture wicking clothing. I think I’m going to buy all of these shirts from Target. (I already purchased the turquoise one)

Have you seen anything interesting on the internet? Send me a DM on Instagram.