For anybody feeling anxious

by | Inspiration

I feel like someone needs to hear this:

It’s okay to feel anxious.
It’s okay to feel overwhelmed.
It’s okay to feel lonely.

You don’t have to take advantage of this moment of uncertainty.

There’s a time for productivity…and it’s okay if right now isn’t that time for you.

Go slower than normal right now.

Get rest when you need it.

But when you’re ready, you can define your new normal and develop structure that gives you balance.

The easiest way to challenge your anxious mind is to question your thoughts. Ask yourself these questions:

Is this true? Or am I assuming the worst?

Is this something I can solve right now? Or is this a problem for future me to solve?

And my personal favorite: What if I decided not to worry about this at all? What if I just wrote down my fears and let them go?

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