your permission to create

by | Inspiration

You have permission to create.

To make music that sounds terrible
To draw pictures that look horrible
To write stories that are hard to read

Because the creative process is not about the end result.

Creativity is about living out loud.
Creativity is about opening yourself up.
Creativity is about expressing all the complicated ideas that aren’t so easy to say any other way—that beautiful cross-section between your mind, your experiences, and how you’re somehow connected to everything meaningful in the universe.

Let go of your desire to make good art.
Because once you’ve made enough bad art, at some point, it’s more than good… It connects.

Journal Prompt:
Think back to 7 year old you. What was something that brought you significant joy? What was something you did for hours that wasn’t watching TV? Write about that feeling. How can you bring more of that feeling into your daily life?

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