Recommendations #017

Here are a few reasons why you may need a reset. 

My book launches next week. I still genuinely can’t believe it. I would be honored if you preordered a copy (or a few). There are 2000 on backorder. Your preorders help drive this number up. 

I’m knee deep in a thriller called The Personal Assistant by Kimberly Belle. It follows the dark side of digital media when a mommy blogger’s assistant goes missing. It’s a little cheesy, but I also can’t put it down. 

When I’m feeling under the weather, my go-to remedy is elderberry liquid extract. Combine this with chicken and rice soup, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, and rest and your body is sure to heal. (Also I’m not a doctor and this is not medical advice)

My favorite chicken and rice soup recipe.

While I was on my sick-cation I watched the new Scott Pilgrim Takes Off anime on Netflix. I’ve written before about how much the movie affected my creative brain. This article explains how the creator was able to reboot a classic with a new twist. 

Here’s your permission to transform

Even your dreams will become a prison if you don’t give yourself the room to be flexible.

To change. 

To grow. 

Just because that’s what you wanted 10 years ago, doesn’t mean that’s what you need now.

Here’s your permission to transform. 

who knew a sinus infection could be so enlightening

I take vitamins and supplements.

I work out 3-5 times a week.

I eat relatively healthy and over the past few weeks I’ve been eating extremely healthy because I absolutely did not want to get sick this holiday season.

But sometimes your body tells you it’s time to rest.

And so the Tuesday before the Thanksgiving holiday, I went from a mild cough to fever, chills, and barely being able to get up from the couch long enough to take more medicine.

But the miraculous thing during this illness was that there was no room to think about anything else.

I didn’t have the energy to be bummed out for not flying home to see my family.

I missed the biweekly call for the Long Table Fellowship (the thing I look forward to the most).

I couldn’t be mopey about being single at the holidays.

Or feel guilty about not shooting new video content.

My only focus was getting better.

Who knew a sinus infection could be so enlightening?

I’m the king of moving in slow motion, of taking my time to make decisions, and not overworking myself.

But I’ve also been putting extraordinary time-based stress on myself with the launch of the Reset Workbook and my new course the 90 Day Reset.

After so many months of hard work I wanted to run across the finish line with a gleaming smile and a six pack of abs.

But to be honest, the lesson I’ve been learning this year is that it’s okay to surrender.

I can’t always fight against the difficulties of life, the overwhelming emotions, the pressure that I mainly put on myself. But I can learn acceptance.

Here’s why the art of surrendering is important in the context of achieving long-term goals:

1. Surrendering is accepting the current situation, even if it’s challenging. It’s stepping out of your current struggle and surrendering to the present moment. That might mean pausing for a moment so you can find your footing.

2. Surrendering doesn’t mean giving up on goals; instead, it means acknowledging and adapting to the reality of the present. This is true resilience in practice because you maintain focus on long-term objectives despite temporary challenges.

3. Surrendering encourages a flexible mindset. Even when you’ve made a plan you have to be open to making adjustments, revisions, and opening yourself up to unexpected opportunities you never would have imagined. And in my case, sometimes it means extending the timeline to achieve those big beautiful goals.

4. Surrendering involves a mindful awareness of the current situation without judgment. This mindfulness can lead to more informed and thoughtful decision-making. By understanding the factors at play, you can make choices that align with your long-term goals rather than reacting impulsively to immediate stressors.

5. Surrendering means conserving energy. Constantly battling against challenges can deplete mental and emotional resources, but not every fight is your fight. And not every problem needs to be solved today. Some things can wait until next week. You have to be discerning where you invest your limited energy.

Surrendering doesn’t negate the importance of goals. It just shifts the focus from resistance to collaboration with the universe.

I’m here currently and I want to be there eventually.

But for now I’ll acknowledge the present moment, adapt to challenges, and maintain a resilient and flexible mindset. 

I’m choosing peace and enjoying the journey from here to there.

PS. I went to a conference for coaches last weekend and it was inspiring and also probably the primary reason why I’m under the weather this week. But there was one more beautiful realization.

I am an artist, a teacher, and a coach. I don’t have lofty aspirations of being a guru sitting on a mountaintop with all the answers; Instead my aim is to share fragments of my heart with you so you’re inspired to ask questions that lead to your own profound discoveries. 

I’m messy, imperfect, and currently drinking elderberry syrup straight from the bottle because, well, there are no clean spoons in this house. And through my journey, I’ve discovered the undeniable truth: imperfect, messy growth is the most authentic path to personal development.  

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Recommendations #016

Hey friend! Yesterday I announced the 90 Day Reset Course and we already got our first two purchases. This self-paced coaching course is for curious people that believe that transformation is possible. Snag a $50 discount by entering the code “PRESALE” before December 1.

The holidays can be a bit of a bummer for many people. Here are a few ways to deal with the holiday blues. 

Salary Story: How I Secured A $40k Raise Working In Education (via Refinery 29)

I’m committed to cooking at home, even though I hate cooking. And I’ve recently fallen in love with chickpeas. Here are 25 chickpea recipes that are healthy, hearty, and delicious.

My favorite podcast to listen to before bed is You Are Good. This feelings podcast about movies is a favorite because each episode feels like I’m talking with friends about some classic movie I enjoyed. I really enjoyed this episode about Romeo + Juliet.

I revamped the SoCurious site recently and it’s low key cute. One of my life goals is to go back to the old school blog days where you could check the site and see a new post every day. We’re not there yet, but maybe in 2023. 

PS. Here’s an unsolicited compliment: I like the way your brain works. 

what if one day is supposed to be today

There are so many things competing for our attention these days and it seems like everyone is a little more irritable, a little more exhausted, a little more emotionally fatigued.

Given a limited amount of energy, we have to be careful where we direct our focus.

And recently I’ve found my face glued to this magical device that houses all the information in the universe. But more often than not, it’s primary purpose in my life is endlessly scrolling through photos and text and funny videos of little children saying ridiculous things.

When I decided that I wanted to start creating more, I knew the first step was to quiet the noise and focus on producing my own content.

And so I have a question for you: What do you want to create today?

Make it something simple.

Then set a timer for 25 minutes and see how far you get it.

When the timer goes off you’re done.

If you’re in the groove and want to keep going, reset the timer for another 25 minutes.

Do this every day for a month and see your creative practice change your life trajectory.

Recommendations #015

I chat with Taylor on the Inner Warmup podcast about liberation through improvisation. This is a part of her series on the importance of play and is one of the first times I got to chat extensively about my experience doing improv. 

Building on that, here’s an article about how to find joy through play as an adult

I made this last night for dinner. Let me tell you, “delicious” doesn’t even begin to describe it. 

There’s finally a landing page for the Reset Workbook. Check it out to learn more about my new book that debuts December 5. 

Sometimes it takes me a long time to execute on a vision. A few months ago I was talking with my friend Evelyn and I revealed that my dream is to just draw and talk about feelings. I finally made the first video that brings that vision to life. 

This question has been top of mind recently: Are we too busy to enjoy life?

PS. Next week I’m announcing the companion course for the Reset Workbook. (Have you pre-ordered your copy yet?) The 90 Day Reset is 12-week self-guided coaching program and the first step in transitioning SoCurious into a learning platform. I’m incredibly excited for this transition and hopeful that my vision for the brand connects with you, beautiful human. 

the seasons were changing and I was becoming something new

There will be beautiful moments that make you feel like the sun only shines for you and dark days where it feels like the rain may never stop.

Unbelievable clarity and unexpected pain.

Devastating disasters, but also uncanny coincidences – the type of coincidences that make you think that something out there is secretly rooting for you.

No situation lasts forever

because it was all meant to be temporary.

But this is your reminder to embrace the joy wherever you can

whenever it shows up.

A reminder to love on your people extra hard

because they are fighting their own secret wars they would never dare to reveal. 

A reminder to commit fully to cultivating a life that feels authentic, good, and true to the highest version of you.