SoCurious Manifesto

by | Inspiration

We are the dreamers
The creators
The occasional overthinkers

Building a more beautiful world

Living with intention and doing work that above all else matters.

Experiencing everything life has to offer.

And slowing down enough to feel the good and the not-so-good.
Because a life well-lived has moments of both.

We live boldly and acknowledge our faults.
Yes, everything is always changing,
but growth is our consistent choice.

We find our purpose
and strive every day to walk in light and love.
Even when it’s hard…especially when it’s hard.

We define success in human terms.
By prioritizing the most essential things:
our chosen family, the greater community, our planet, and our inner peace.

We invest in real connections and radical empathy
Embracing the beauty in our diversity, fighting for equality, and letting go of our desire to be normal.

We promise to treat life like a series of experiments instead of something we are doomed to endure.

Why? Because we’re SoCurious.

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Change is scary, but that’s not all bad

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