Talk To Yourself Like You’re A Three Year Old

by | Inspiration, Personal Development

Optimism is a choice you make every single day. 

But even on the days when it’s hard to see the bright side of things, you can choose to be kind to yourself. 

And that starts with your words. 

The easiest way to do this is to talk to yourself like you’re a three year old. 

When you break a dish: “That’s okay sweetie. Let’s clean it up. Mistakes happen.”

When you feel like you’ve failed: “You tried your hardest and we’re going to keep trying until we figure it out.”

When you’re feeling sad: “Take the time to process. You don’t have to rush to feeling better.”

Being human is hard and we live in our heads all day. 

Make it a safe and loving space. 

Something to ponder:

Finish this sentence: One thing I like about myself is ________. 

Keep adding to the list until you’ve exhausted everything you can think of.

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