So I’ve got some big news: Introducing the Reset Workbook

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So I’ve got some big news.

After many months of research, writing, illustrating, editing, and waiting, I can officially say: The Reset Workbook is officially available for preorder on Amazon!

This fun guided journal is designed to help you build emotional intelligence, establish new habits and rituals, and set inspired (yet practical) goals to fulfill your dreams.

Click now to preorder.

But there’s more.

I’m excited. I’m proud. I’m nervous. I’m overwhelmed.

But also I need help.

And I’m horrible at asking for help.

If you’d like to support me in the launch of The Reset Workbook, I would be honored for you to sign up the launch squad.

As a squad member, you’ll have a vital role in the book’s success and get some pretty cute perks.

Learn more here.

6 interesting Ways to Journal

6 interesting Ways to Journal

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