Positive Affirmations for a Mental Reset

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Today we’re doing a mental reset and focusing our attention on self love, self worth, and believing in our capacity to make positive change with these positive affirmations. 

But what are positive affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that help challenge our negative thoughts. Repeating them often will help you overcome self-sabotage and find greater confidence in yourself.

I release any thoughts that are holding me back.

I am already enough and I don’t need to do anything to feel more worthy. 

I was born worthy. 

Every space is a space where I belong. 

I release every fear around chasing my dreams. 

I am worthy of success and open to all the beautiful possibilities that are coming my way. 

I am ready to use my gifts for good in the world. 

I attract incredible opportunities. 

I release feelings of guilt. 

I forgive myself for the mistakes I made along the way. 

I am committed to making positive changes in my life. 

And every day is a new opportunity to focus on growth. 

I love the person I’m becoming. 

I release my anxiety. 

I am confident in my capacity to handle any challenges that might arise along the way. 

I trust my ability to make good decisions, no matter what happens.

I no longer allow worry to stop my progress.

I release any feelings of shame.

I love my beautiful body and the way that it supports me day after day.

I set my own standard of beauty.  

And I acknowledge that I am beautiful in this moment and every moment. 

I release any feelings of regret. 

Love is abundant. Everywhere I turn I see new opportunities to make meaningful connections. 

I attract the love that I am willing to give to the world. 

I am a magnet for good people because I am a good person. 

I release my pain and trauma.

I am a survivor of all of my bad days so far. 

I will not let the past control my vibrant future. 

I will keep believing that good is out there for me. 

Love is out there for me. 

Joy is out there for me. 

Peace is out there for me. 

I release feelings of doubt. 

I am confident in my skills and know what to do next. 

The answers have always been inside of me on the other side of fear. 

I am ready to step beyond that fear and take decisive actions that change my life for the better.

I release feelings of bondage. 

I am free to live my life boldly and be the most authentic version of myself. 

I love who I am right now at this moment… imperfections and all. 

Nothing will stand in the way of my freedom of expression. 

I release negative self-talk. 

My brain is a safe and loving space. 

The kindness that I give to the world is the kindness that I give to myself. 

I honor my inner child and treat them with consistent love. 

Because I am worthy of consistent love.

Thank you for taking the time to invest in yourself with these positive affirmations. 

I hope these affirmations light your soul on fire and help you to reset any negative thought patterns.

Revisit this video as often as necessary and believe that all the good that you can imagine is not only possible but that it’s probable when you’re willing to do the work. 

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