Sometimes seeking clarity is a tool to procrastinate.

by | Personal Development

Often times seeking clarity is just a tool to procrastinate.

We say:

 “I don’t know what to do.”

“I can’t decide between this and that.”

“I’m just not sure.”

But deep inside, we know. 

If we quiet the chatter in our brain enough, we’ve always known.

And if we really consider it, the first step is not that important. 

It’s the movement that matters–the commitment to choosing a direction and taking step after step.

And the wonderful surprise is that even when you start off in the wrong direction, that wrong turn will lead you closer to where you should be heading. 

So here’s your permission to choose. 

To try and potentially fail. 

But also to trust that even the wrong steps lead to your greater good.


Take a moment to reflect on a current situation or decision that you’ve been uncertain about. What is your intuition telling you about it? Explore the feelings and thoughts that pop up when you tune in to your inner knowing. How can you cultivate trust in your own instincts?

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