Motivational mantras to encourage a growth mindset

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The way we talk to ourselves can either build us up or break us down. And cultivating a growth mindset takes a lot of hard work. But on my journey to learning to love myself more, I found a simple daily activity that positively affected my mood, increased my energy levels, and encouraged me to take the next steps in investing in my growth: motivational mantras.

What is a motivational mantra? 

Derived from the Hindu tradition, a mantra is a powerful phrase used to transform your mind. It’s a tiny meditation that resets your mood and keeps you inspired despite your current circumstances. 

I know. A little woo woo. 

But it genuinely helps you clear out the noise and clutter in your brain and focus your intention on a simple phrase that energizes you. 

My recommendation is to say it multiple times in the mirror while you’re getting ready. But also to come back to it any time during the day when you feel a little uneasy.

Every few months, I develop a new mantra to encourage a growth mindset. 

For example, in 2008 I focused on the phrase: “You belong here.”

Fresh out of college and in a new job in advertising, I was still defining my voice as a graphic designer. When doubts and imposter syndrome would creep in, I would repeat this mantra to remind me of the value that I brought to the company. 

With continued repetition, the phrase became second nature. Eventually, I believed it. 

And over the course of many months, I stopped beating myself up when I made mistakes and instead found the confidence to speak up for myself and win opportunities for career growth. 

That’s the power of mantras. They replace negative thoughts with a meaningful moment of self love.

How to get started with your motivational mantra:

Spend some quiet time reflecting on what makes you feel the most confident and self-assured. 

Translate that idea into a mantra that you repeat when you wake up and before you go to bed. 

Here are 10 examples to kickstart your brainstorming:

I belong here.

I am worthy of love.

I invest time and energy into myself.

Every mistake is an opportunity for growth. 

I pause and think when I’m stressed.

I am designed to do great things in this world.

I will remain calm and power through.

I am naturally a problem solver. When challenges arise I can face them head on. 

I’m giving myself permission to enjoy this moment. 

I’m willing to put in the work to make my dreams a reality. 

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