How to Let Go

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Here’s your challenge for today: Let go of who you thought you’d become. 

Let go of the need to control. 

Let go of the expectations that society has burdened you with. 

Let go of disappointments, missed opportunities, and broken hearts. 

Because only by letting go will you discover who you are becoming. 

…and to be honest, the most beautiful version of yourself is probably something even greater than you could ever imagine. 

Here are 5 simple tips that teach you how to let go:

Focus on the present moment. 

Dwelling in the past or the future for too long is bad for your mental health. 

Instead cultivate the skill of staying in the present moment. 

Try yoga and mindfulness practices to train your brain to focus on the here and now.

Cry it out. 

There’s something cathartic about allowing yourself to sit in the sadness and feel all those difficult emotions. 

Take an afternoon and allow yourself to feel all the negative feelings and then release them through tears.

Set a timer for feeling bummed out and get all your complaints out in that window of time. 

Make a list of things worth celebrating. 

Think about the past year and all the great things big and small that happened along the way.

 Then reflect on that list when you’re feeling down. 

Bonus points for continuing to add to this list. 

This list is a great way to remind yourself of the progress you’re making on building the life you want to lead.

Or it can be a guide to help you focus on the things that truly matter the most to you. 

Turn those negative feelings into actions. 

If you’re disappointed by your career, sign up for a class to get new skills. 

If you’re feeling lonely, reach out and schedule a dinner with a friend. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, prioritize an activity that allows you to disconnect. 

By focusing your energy into something you can control, you can more easily let go of the things you can’t control.  

Write it down. 

Writing is a useful tool for working through what you’re feeling. 

Get it all out on pen and paper. 

You can try free writing for 20 minutes and fill the pages with all the thoughts that are whirring through your brain. 

Or you can try making a list of things that you want to let go of and then make a ritual out of burning those limiting thoughts as a way to release that energy. 

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