Here are the beauty and wellness products Dawnie Marie can’t live without

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There’s something exhilarating about finding out who people are following and what they’re actually adding to their carts. And if you’re anything like Dawnie, you are easily captivated by shiny Instagram ads. (We sincerely apologize for the skin care ads you will be served.) 

Dawnie Marie is a professional people pleaser aka office manager by day and an all around creative by night! Here are her curated top picks.

Biossance Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil

Gets rid of all the gunk while leaving your face feeling smooth and moisturized.

Black Girl Sunscreen

Lightweight? No white cast? Made with melanin in mind? Sign me up for some much needed SPF! 

Pattern Intensive Conditioner for Tight Textures

Even my bleached 4c coils love this conditioner. 

Versed Skin Soak Moisturizer

 Even the dryness of the LA desert does not stand a chance against this moisturizer.

‍Hyper Clear Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum

Don’t let dark marks stop you from glowing this summer. Stay #goldenhourready with this skin clearing serum.

Good Molecules Yerba Mate Eye Cream

Give those tired Zoom call eye bags the kick they need. No, I did not wake up like this. But dammit I look good. 

MegaBabe Thigh Saver

Thighs out all Hot Girl Summer–made possible with this anti-chafe formula!

Milk Kush Mascara

People won’t help but focus on your gorg eyes now.


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