Dealing with tomorrow one day at a time

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How do you fuel the highest version of yourself?

It starts with food of course.

And maybe meditation

Or journaling.

For some it’s running or cycle or yoga.

There are coloring books

Making things

Conversations with God

Reading books

Studying philosophy.

It often involves therapy

And walks in nature.

Sitting by water

Feeling sand between your toes. 

Taking meds
Hot showers or long baths

Long talks with old friends

Sometimes making new friends.

Going on dates 

Falling in love 

Falling out of love

Learning to love yourself more.

Letting go

Moving forward 

Moving on 




If not all of these, at least some…

Over and over again.

A journal prompt:

Create your own list by finishing this statement:
When I’m at my best, I am…

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