Affirmation Card Pull: I am destined to do great things

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You want to pull an affirmation card and talk about big feelings? Okay, but, oof, oh, this is a good one.  

Repeat it with me, um, I am destined to do great things. One more time to lock in the learning, I am destined to do great things. 

Oh my goodness, where are my manners? Um, this is Justin and I’m obsessed with emotional intelligence and its power to help creative people find small but meaningful breakthroughs in personal development, career, and their craft.  And this card is a really good one. I feel like you needed the reminder that you are destined to do great things.

But also my intuition is telling me I need to level set. Sometimes we get tripped up because within our desire of doing great things, we forget that it’s the tiny actions that make a significant impact. So like you might change the trajectory of the universe simply by smiling at a stranger today, or by asking your friend how they’re really doing and genuinely listening, or by being honest with somebody about something that you’re low key afraid to say, but that they absolutely need to hear.

My point being, no pressure, but you are destined to do great things, and one of the most beautiful ways to do that is by being your most authentic self. Oh yeah, also this card is a part of the Joy Bomb’s affirmation card deck. You pull one or two every morning for a tiny dose of daily inspiration.

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