90 Day Reset Preview: Temperature Check/Setting Intentions

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Lost in the fog? The 90-Day Reset is your compass to find clarity of purpose. Discover your values, set goals, and steer your life in the right direction. Here’s a sneak peek of the first lesson in the series that helps you set Intentions.

Join the 12-week self-paced coaching program that helps you break free of unhelpful patterns and live with more passion, purpose, and energy.

Here’s a transcript of the session:

Week 1: Temperature Check / Setting Intentions

This workshop comes from my own experience with resets. Those beautiful moments where the universe tells you that its time to make a meaningful shift (whether you like it a not) 

Welcome to Week 1 of the 90 Day Reset

We all have these meaningful pivot points in our life that can change our total life trajectory, like changing your career path, deciding to go back to school, navigating relationship transitions (whether that’s getting in or out of a relationship), confronting health issues, navigating grief, becoming a parent, starting a business, moving to a new city, or starting your personal development journey.

But regardless of where you are in your life right now, there’s one major pivot point we’ve all experienced. The pandemic. And at least for me, it changed me to my core. 

Before the pandemic, I had a hyper-specific plan. 

Get a high-paying creative director job

Move to Austin TX. 

Save a lot of money.

Find a partner.  

Buy a new house. 

Check, check, check. I was on track for reaching my goals but then the world came to a screeching halt.

All of a sudden, instead of having the glamorous life of an intense job in advertising, a vibrant social life, and lots of travel, I was now stuck in my teeny tiny one-bedroom apartment spending all my time alone.

And let me be clear. Even though I was overworked and dealing with intense levels of stress, I loved my job. I love presenting to clients. Bopping in and out of meetings. Solving creative problems while under intense pressure. 

Because I’m an extrovert. Like not a big boisterous, in-your-face extrovert. But I genuinely enjoy people. And feeding off the energy of a bustling advertising agency fed me all the dopamine I needed. 

But when we went on lockdown, all of a sudden all the things I loved about my position were stripped away and I saw for the first time, that the life I was living was not as glamorous as I thought. 

Advertising feels different when I’m stuck alone in my house starting my day at 8:00am and working until 9:00pm to hit what oftentimes feels like arbitrary deadlines. 

And this realization rocked me to my core. 

Because at this point, while I’d done more than my fair share of deep personal analysis, I’d never deeply thought about who am I when I separate my identity from my career as a Creative Director. 

And that stripping away initiated another level of introspection, growth, and development. 

And ultimately led to me optimizing my life to be more holistic in new and different ways.  

Reminding me yet again that the only constant in my life is change. 

And let me be clear, change is absolutely terrifying. 

But I can also say that navigating those moments of discomfort absolutely leads to transformative growth. 

I created this course because I wanted to remind you of the beauty of your resilience. 

And invite you to take ownership of who you’re becoming. 

Because we get to decide if life happens to us or if we want to create the life we desire. 

So our goal today is to really set intentions on what we want to get out of this workshop. What are the spaces in our life that are working. And what are the spaces in our life that need to be reviewed, refined, or removed. 

First, let’s get a temperature check. 

I want you to give yourself a score in each of the areas from 1-10. In this instance, a one would mean that there’s a lot of work necessary to get this part of your life back on track. 

A 5-6 means that this area is okay and might not need immediate effort right now, but could be prioritized at a later date. 

And anything above an 8 is something that might not need to have a lot of focus right now. 

My sense of self: Am I generally content with my day-to-day life? Do I feel personally fulfilled?

My career: Generally do I enjoy what I do to earn a living? Do I have harmony between my career and my home life? 

My community: How do I feel about my relationships with friends and family?

My mental health: Do I feel mentally strong and resilient? Am I kind to myself?

My physical health: Do I feel healthy and strong? Am I moving my body regularly? 

My home: Does my home feel like a reflection of me and my needs? 

My spiritual life: Do I feel connected to something bigger? Do I have habits that make me feel grounded? 

My romantic life or sense of adventure: I like pairing these two because I think for different people, there are different needs. For some I think having a partner is important. If that’s you, do I feel content and fulfilled in my romantic life. Do I feel connected to my partner? For others you can think about the amount of adventure that you have in your life. Am I regularly having experiences that light my soul on fire? Do I have a healthy sense of adventure? 

My Self-Care:  Do I have self care habits that work for me? Am I getting enough rest? Do I have a passion outside of my career?

Pause the video and take a few minutes to work through this to give yourself a score in each area. 

Here are my answers at the time of recording. 

My sense of self: 8

I feel really grounded and in alignment right now. There are some tweaks I want to continue making but I def feel like internally I’m feeling pretty solid right now. 

My career: 6

I’m in the midst of a personal transformation in career so I am feeling the pain of making a meaningful life transition here. But I also feel pretty positive about it. 

My community: 7

I’ve been doing a pretty good job of reconnecting with friends and family in different states. And I’m so happy that my community here in Austin is growing. I feel loved and supported by my community right now. 

My mental health: 7

I was talking with my therapist recently and high key, I’m really managing my stress and anxiety pretty well right now 

My physical health: 4.5

Earlier this year I had some significant health scares, but fortunately this kickstarted some really great changes around eating and working out. But to be honest, with my recent career shifts, I’ve been slacking on lifting weights and doing intense cardio. That’s a priority for me, so there’s some work to do here. 

My home: 3 

Now this is a space that needs a lot of work. I feel like I’m always cleaning my apartment, but I really haven’t found spaces for everything. I really want prioritize a deep clean, some reorganization, and maybe getting rid of a few things. 

My spiritual life: 5 

Spirituality is really important to me and feeling connected to something bigger, just really matters for my personality type, so even thoughts is a 6, I’ve been closer to a 9 at other times in my life so this feels like a real priority for me. 

My romantic life or Sense of adventure: 2 

This is another area that’s a little bit low for me. I’m on a pause with dating because I wanted to reset some habits around my desires. And in regards to my sense of adventure, I haven’t done anything exciting in a minute. 

My Self-Care: 9

Even though this has been a hectic season in my personal life, it’s been so beautiful being able to lean on my self care activities. Ya boy has been doing his stretches every day. Soaking in epsom salt a few times a week. Doing walking meditations. And I even started learning a little bit of tai chi. 

So now that we’ve given ourselves scores in each category, what are 2-3 areas with the lowest scores. 

For me right now that’s my sense of adventure, my home, my physical health and my spiritual life. 

So now that you have your 2-3 categories. For me it’s 4 but you know we create parameters as guidelines, not as hard and fast rules. So now that you have you categories, we’re going to brainstorm a few quick ways to get a quick win in that category. 

my sense of adventure – i really need to take a trip. I haven’t had a good vacation in a while so I need to go somewhere I’ve never been so I can get inspired. 

my home – I’m gonna have to commit to spending a full weekend doing a deep clean.

my physical health – I want to pick two days a week that are my gym days and commit to those being the days that I lift weights no matter what. 

my spiritual life – I want to find a spiritual podcast to listen to every week. This will  take some research though. 

And this leads us to setting intentions. 

So let’s dive into another journaling exercise. 

I want you to answer the following questions: 

What is my current experience of life? 

What’s my desired experience of life? 

Here are a few examples to help you kickstart your own answers: 

Busy Mom:

Current Experience of Life:

“My days are a whirlwind of school runs, meal prep, and juggling work and family responsibilities. It’s fulfilling, but it feels like a constant race against the clock. I find joy in my family, but there’s a lingering sense of overwhelm.”

Desired Experience of Life:

“I envision a more balanced life where I can savor the small moments with my kids without feeling rushed. I want to prioritize self-care, carve out moments for my passions, and create a harmonious blend of family and personal fulfillment.”


Current Experience of Life:

“My life is defined by my career. I thrive on the challenges and accomplishments at work, but it comes at the cost of personal time. I’m always connected, always working. There’s success, but a sense of emptiness in my personal life.”

Desired Experience of Life:

“I aspire to maintain professional success while reclaiming a personal life. I want to set boundaries, enjoy leisure time without guilt, and foster meaningful connections outside of work. Striking a balance is key for a more fulfilled life.”

College Student:

Current Experience of Life:

“As a college student, life feels like a puzzle with missing pieces. There’s excitement about graduation, but also uncertainty about the future. It’s a mix of academic stress, social exploration, and the quest to find my path.”

Desired Experience of Life:

“I yearn for clarity and purpose. Post-graduation, I want to embark on a journey that aligns with my passions. I envision a life where I’m engaged in meaningful work, surrounded by a supportive community, and equipped to navigate the post-college transition with confidence.”

Our next journaling prompt is:  What do I want my life to feel like 5 years from now? 

Think about what you’re doing? How you feel? Who you’re with? How you spend your time. 

To make this really work, I want you to write in the first person. 

Use phrases like: I am, I have, I feel. And I want you to be as specific as you possibly can. 

It’s also incredibly important to be positive and open yourself up to what you truly desire. There’s no need to play it safe or small in a visioning session. 

Pay careful attention to all the areas of your life (personal, work, health) 

Here are a few examples: 

Busy Mom:

Five Years from Now:

“I am savoring the calm mornings with my family, relishing the laughter over breakfast. I have mastered the art of time management, allowing me to pursue my passion for writing during dedicated ‘me time.’ I feel grounded, balancing my work and family life effortlessly. I have a supportive network of fellow moms, and together, we share both the joys and challenges. Health is a priority—I’ve embraced a holistic approach, staying active and enjoying nourishing meals. Overall, I am thriving in a harmonious blend of family, personal pursuits, and self-care.”


Five Years from Now:

“I have transformed my professional life into a fulfilling and purpose-driven journey. I am leading a successful team while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. I feel a sense of accomplishment in my career, but I’ve also cultivated meaningful relationships outside of work. I am exploring new hobbies, traveling to broaden my perspective, and prioritizing self-reflection. Health is paramount—I’ve established a routine that supports my well-being. My life exudes a dynamic balance where success is not just measured in professional achievements but also in personal fulfillment.”

College Student:

Five Years from Now:

“I am thriving in a career that aligns seamlessly with my passions and values. I have successfully navigated the post-college transition, feeling confident and purposeful. I am surrounded by a diverse community that fosters growth and connection. I have found my niche, contributing meaningfully to a field I am passionate about. My days are filled with purposeful work, and I continue to learn and evolve. I feel a deep sense of fulfillment, knowing that I am on a path that aligns with my aspirations. Health is a priority—I prioritize self-care, maintaining a balance between mental and physical well-being.”

Wow! Hopefully this was a powerful  exercise for you to start getting some clarity on what you want to accomplish over the next 90 days. 

This week’s homework: 

  1. Share one thing you hope to achieve from this 90 day workshop in the Slack community. 
  2. From the temperature check exercise, I want you to take one step towards increasing your score in one of the categories. It doesn’t need to be big an audacious. Just a tiny baby step, 
  3. Every day, over the next week re-read your intention out loud to yourself. 
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