A meditation for the recovering perfectionist

by | Personal Development

I’m wholeheartedly committed to loving myself despite the occasional chaos within my mind. 

In my beautiful imperfection, I embrace the journey of constant learning and personal growth.

I chose this path with confidence and joy

And I can change direction whenever I see fit. 

I give myself permission to be the biggest, boldest version of myself.

Even in the moments when the fear of making mistakes lingers. 

As I release the need to perform, I embrace the profound truth of my existence, transcending the expectations imposed by others.

My peace comes from accepting myself… flaws and all. 

I’m proud to lean into my own daring authenticity.


Reflect on a time when you allowed yourself to embrace your daring authenticity. How did it feel to embrace your true self?

6 interesting Ways to Journal

6 interesting Ways to Journal

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