13 Thoughts on Life: Inspirational Ideas for cultivating joy

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I’ve had my fair share of resets. Unexpected twists. Beautiful surprises. And terrible defeats. But I decided at the end of last year that 2023 is my year of intentional growth.

A year to dare to believe that all the good that I imagine is possible.

A year to put myself out there in new and unexpected ways.

A year to let down the barriers and allow my dreams to truly flourish.

This post collects 13 thoughts on life and inspirational ideas on how to have a more positive life.

1. This is your life and you are empowered to make changes as frequently as you see fit.

The only thing standing in the way of what you desire is dedicated effort and a positive mindset.

2. It’s okay to say how you’re really feeling.

If someone asks “How are you doing?” take a beat to consider your answer.

3. Books are the gateway to new worlds.

Try to read every single day. You will become a better writer and more likely to impress people with interesting tidbits.

4. Conflict is healthy. But remember, conflict does not equal having a screaming match.

You should be able to confidently say your opinion on things, but also be flexible enough to hear other people.

5. Time is your most precious gift.

Use it wisely.

6. You have to exercise a few times a week.

This has nothing to do with losing weight or trying to look hot. Just do it cause it will make you happier and healthier. For me, it’s a win if I get outside for a 20-minute walk. Commit to something small and get moving.

7. You have to eat vegetables every single day.

This seems obvious, but I know waaaay too many people that avoid their greens. Eat the salad. Or make some broccoli. They basically go with every meal.

8. Always be impeccable with your word.

If you say you’re going to do something you have to follow through. That goes for the promises you make to other people because you want to be trustworthy. But this also goes for the promises you make to yourself.

9. If being perfect stops you from completing projects, stop trying to be perfect.

As a recovering perfectionist its hard to ship something when I know its not perfect. But I’m learning that my 80% is pretty damn spectacular, in comparison to choosing not to finish.

10. Some days you will need a nap, a cry, or a vent session to reset.

You don’t have to be strong all the time. And you don’t have to be productive all the time. Listen to your brain, your body, and most importantly your heart.

11. Sometimes you’re going to have to take the risk.

There will never be a perfect time or perfect circumstance.

12. Everything that tastes good is basically bad for you.

Try to change your palette to think about the way food makes you feel after you’ve eaten it. For me, the hardest challenge is cutting back on the sweets. Switching to dark chocolate from cookies helps a bit, but I still have lots of work to do in this area.

13. Write in a journal regularly.

Write what you’re thankful for and what’s troubling you. It gives the perfect snapshot of where you are right now. Then try to reread those journals at least once a year to see how far you’ve come.

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