This is your invitation

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This is your invitation.

To dream.
To believe.
To grow.

Because all the magic lives in you
dreaming, believing, and growing.

keep growing.


When you think of keeping a journal, I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is the traditional “Dear Diary” format, but there are so many ways to keep a journal. 

Here are 6 interesting ways to journal


I’m in love with building tiny rituals. Before I sit down to journal, I light a candle. Right now, this is my favorite scent.


I enjoyed this podcast episode on the difference between certainty and clarity. 


As a part of My Reset Year, I’m currently building out a list of 52 mini challenges to find your inner spark and cultivate the change you need. Here’s a sneak peek: 

Host a two hour cocktail party. Hosting a small party at your home can be a great way to socialize and turn acquaintances into friends. Keep it simple with delicious drinks and meaningful conversation. And stick to the two hour rule. It’s long enough to make a connection, but not so long that you feel overwhelmed from hosting. 

You Can Always Rewrite Your Story

You Can Always Rewrite Your Story

How beautiful is it that we can create change in our own lives? Simply by believing in our capacity to do so.  AN INTERESTING LINK Here are 7 ideas for a 7 day reset that you can try. By taking a week to focus on yourself and your well-being, you can refocus your...

This is My Reset Year

This is My Reset Year

This is my reset year  A year of thoughtful reflectionNew beginningsDeep learning Meaningful relationships Uninhibited joyAnd intentional growth  This is my reset year.