the seasons were changing and I was becoming something new

by | Personal Development

There will be beautiful moments that make you feel like the sun only shines for you and dark days where it feels like the rain may never stop.

Unbelievable clarity and unexpected pain.

Devastating disasters, but also uncanny coincidences – the type of coincidences that make you think that something out there is secretly rooting for you.

No situation lasts forever

because it was all meant to be temporary.

But this is your reminder to embrace the joy wherever you can

whenever it shows up.

A reminder to love on your people extra hard

because they are fighting their own secret wars they would never dare to reveal. 

A reminder to commit fully to cultivating a life that feels authentic, good, and true to the highest version of you.

6 interesting Ways to Journal

6 interesting Ways to Journal

When you think of keeping a journal, I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is the traditional “Dear Diary” format--basically a letter that recaps your day.  But there are so many ways to keep a journal. You can write full sentences or fragments of ideas....