Self-Care Advice from POC Creators

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This article has compiled practical self-care advice from POC creators in one comprehensive list to encourage you to live your best life.

You spend a lot of time on your work. You spend a lot of time on your family and friends. But how much time to you take to focus on yourself?

Let the advice from busy people like you steer you toward the right direction.

Breanna Powell

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“…warm scented candles lit, lots of natural light, and all of my meals prepped for the day, snacks included!”

— Breanna Powell

Breanna Powell’s career plan was to join the field of social work. During the summer of 2020 a different path presented itself and she switched gears to become a content creator and social media manager. So she created The Social Hive in Durham, NC and got busy on social media so brands wouldn’t have to. Read Breanna’s interview here.

Dawn Okoro

“Working on something non-overwhelming helps me through creative ruts.”

— Dawn Okoro

Dawn Okoro, Texas-born visual artist, of Okoro Studio has been featured in USA Today, Harper’s Bazaar, W Magazine, Architectural Digest and Essence.  In February 2022, Okoro made her UK debut with her solo exhibitionMad Explosive Spontaneity at Maddox Gallery. Read Dawn’s interview here.

Eso Tolson

“I believe if we create more spaces of rest for ourselves that we can become sharper, more powerful, and more present for ourselves and others.”

— Eso Tolson

Eso Tolson is a Memphis-based curator and hand letterer. He curates some of the most impressive playlists and lives by the motto, “Make Dope Stuff Every Day.” Read Eso’s interview here.

Maya G. Pete

 “…I go for a walk in the park or around the Brooklyn Piers. Being outside reminds me of God’s blessings and allows me a moment to disconnect from technology.”

— Maya G. Pete

Maya G. Pete is a New York based writer who runs the blog. There she has found a way to make an impact with her writing for those traveling the paths of self-love and self-actualization. Read Maya’s interview here.

Maya Taylor

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“Getting myself super organized before I even start creating is really key for me.”

—Maya Taylor

Maya Taylor is an MTV VMA nominated choreographer and movement director. She has created for several major brands and performing artists, like MAC Cosmetics and Solange Knowles. Read Maya’s interview here.

Michelle West

photo credit: Jessi Arnold, Girl Meet Globe

“No matter if you are in school, work a 9 to 5 or you’re an entrepreneur, the phone has to be down at a certain time.”

—Michelle West

Michelle West creates some of the most beautiful floral designs seen on the internet. In early 2022, she built an extravagant floral art piece for the Baton Rouge, LA Flower Fest. Read Michelle’s interview here.

Nicolette Gordon

“I make sure a lot of the things I listen to are inspirational. I try to listen to things that keep me in a high vibrational state. You have to guard your mind and time.”

—Nicolette Gordon

Nicolette Gordon is a certified master farmer from Greensburg, LA. She and her family manage 80 acres of land as Hempstock Farms. Read Nicolette’s interview here.

Nikki Cade

“I have a great network of artist friends who I consult with regularly. This helps me feel supported and connected.”

— Nikki Cade

Nikki Cade is a Texas-made artist. She has worked with companies such as American Airlines, Oak + Moss and Anthropologie. Read Nikki’s Interview here.

Malliron Hodge

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“Check on yourself. Because if you are constantly checking on other people and not yourself then you could get lost in the sauce. Support and love on yourself.

— Malliron Hodge

Malliron Hodge started the Baddies with Business podcast to showcase the unfiltered, unapologetic stories of women in year 0 – 5 of business. Read Malliron’s interview here.

Dante Clemons

“…My daily self-care is literally pausing and asking myself, as if I’m a three-year-old, “What do I need right now?” then prioritizing that. Oftentimes it’s the most simple things.”

— Dante Clemons

Dante Clemons made a brave move from the world of architecture to the tech industry. She is a technologist, career consultant and the co-founder of Origin Studio House in Austin, TX. Read Dante’s interview here.

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