what a delightful privilege

What a delightful privilege it is to shoulder the weighty task of single-handedly turning your dreams into reality.

Thankfully, you’re up to the challenge.

everything you aim for

Everything you aim for and put effort into is already yours, if you’re willing to exercise a little patience and wait for it to materialize.

slow but steady progress

Given the choice, I opt for slow but steady progress over being confined by unrealistic standards of perfection.

Life doesn’t just happen to you.

Life doesn’t just happen to you. 

You create it.

The clothes you wear. 

The things you talk about. 

Your career. 

Your groceries. 

The way you spend your free time. 

We are our own greatest work of art. 

And that art is the life we choose.

I’m seeking an open heart

I’m seeking an open heart.

I’m seeking an open mind.

I’m seeking an open spirit.

Because that’s where you find truth. 

That’s how you discover meaning.

That’s when you tap into everything the world has so much to offer 

And I’m ready and willing to receive all the good

you can keep going

I know you feel like giving up.

But you don’t have to. 

You can keep going. 

The world needs you to commit to this thing and follow through.

So take a pause. Get some rest. But stay focused. 

Because the world needs you to be living that big, bold, beautiful goal you dreamed of. 

An inspirational mantra

Repeat after me:

Today I am forgiving myself for the mistakes I made along the way. I might not be perfect, but I am worth loving.

something magical

Friendly reminder: Something magical unlocks when you’re willing to love yourself just as you are right now.