Link Love #007

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Something to read: What if you could live every version of life possible? In The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, there’s a library that contains an infinite number of books, each one the story of another version of reality. This heartwarming fantasy novel brought me a lot of joy and I think you might like it.   

Because I’m still obsessed with NFTs:Here’s a video explaining NFT smart contracts

Something interesting: Everyday there’s a new useless innovation. I’m not gonna lie though, this actually looks fun. New exoskeleton lets you enter the boxing ring as a robot

A podcast to listen to: For the entrepreneurs on the list, I’m a super fan of  My First Million podcast. The hosts are definitely tech bros, but theyh ave interesting hot takes on things like Elon Musk, overcoming fears, and listening to your audience. 

Someone to follow: Brooke Bourgeois is a cartoonist for the New York Times and her comics on Instagram give me that “I’m a real grown up” chuckle. 

Something to watch: I keep buying materials for DIYs and not doing them… but this super cute candle looks VERY easy. Maybe we should try it this weekend? 

3 Reasons to Journal Daily

3 Reasons to Journal Daily

There’s a long list of ways to go about knowing yourself, but journaling just might be at the top.  Few people take advantage of the clarity that journaling can bring. It helps you cope with stress and anxiety. It’s also a beautiful way to record the life-changing...

5 Useful Tips to Maintain the Journaling Habit

5 Useful Tips to Maintain the Journaling Habit

It’s hard to stick to habits that support your growth as an individual. It takes the average person 66 days to seriously adopt a new behavior. So don’t beat yourself up if you’ve already tried to start a journal, but it didn’t quite go as expected. Here are a few ways...