Link Love #002

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✏️ In case you missed it: I’m drawing 1000 hand-drawn NFTs to fund the development of content that spreads joy, promotes empathy, and encourages personal growth. Here’s a video that answers the question: What’s an NFT?

💼 I like the balance of getting things done and also being a real human being in every aspect of my life. There’s power in being vulnerable at work.

👨🏽‍🍳 I finally did it! I tried that yogurt toast you keeping seeing on TikTok. It was actually quite good. 

😴 Can we talk about the post-pandemic loss of ambition? It’s actually hit me quite hard. As a consistent overachiever something about the past few years has me craving a slower, easier life.

 😍 My secret obsession is romance novels about people of color. I like having something light to read before bed. I’m loving, First Comes Like by Alisha Rai. We’ve got a beauty influencer, a Bollywood soap opera star, and an accidental catfishing that sparks an unexpected romance. 

🎨 Dopeciety posted a process video for their hand-foiled art pieces and I def need to cop one. Watching people make art is incredible. 

💡 I got great feedback from the community on the SoCurious NFTs landing page and implemented the first round of changes. I’m excited to announce the official launch very soon. 

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3 Reasons to Journal Daily

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5 Useful Tips to Maintain the Journaling Habit

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