Let’s talk about boundaries

by | Short Form

When I first started learning about boundaries, I just wanted to protect myself. 

I didn’t want to get hurt again…ever. 

So I put up walls to shut out all the potential pain. 

But in order to love – truly and fully – I had to learn that you can create and stick to your boundaries without putting up barriers that block the people that care about you. 

It won’t be perfect at first. But it is possible. 

You have to trust that in order to receive authentic love in all of its magnanimous forms, you have to take the risk to step outside the fortress that shuts everyone out. 


Living an intentional life takes a lot of hard work. Here are 13 thoughts on life: Inspirational ideas to cultivate more joy. 


In December I posted a Youtube video about How to Date with Intention. While the national day of love has passed, this is a fun watch if you’re ready to try dating in 2023. 

I promise at some point I will officially launch the podcast. 


Make a list of 100 things that you’re grateful for. Revisit this list every time you’re feeling a bit bummed out.   


1. Here are a few reasons why you might need a reset. 

2. I finally updated my personal website. And I got new headshots! I guess green is my color for 2023. 

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