How to tap into your most authentic self

by | Video

This is awkward, but I’m going to tell you a secret. And real talk if you’re still in your people-pleasing era this actually will be a little triggering. 

The world doesn’t want you to be yourself. 

Like the world doesn’t want you to be your most authentic, most beautiful, most interesting self. 

Because being the real version of you with those big feelings and that big heart makes you hard to control. 

And the world loves putting us into tiny little boxes with really clear labels so they can sort us appropriately. 

But this video is your permission to step out of that box. And to tap into the real you. To shine with full wattage. To wear that wacky outfit. To make that weird art. And to share your true self with the people you love the most. 

If you’re ready to start doing that personal development work and authentically showing up as the real you, I’ve got a really good video on setting intentions that you can watch on my youtube channel.