How to feel more connected

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The older I get, the more I value genuine connections. 

The type of connections that are willing to listen to you vent. 

Not afraid to disagree sometimes. 

And willing to call you out when you’re out of line. 

Those are the relationships that are worth cultivating. 

Meaningful friendships that can weather storms together. 


Here’s how to make friends as an adult.

Making friends as an adult is not impossible. It just requires a bit more effort and strategy than it did back in your elementary school days. 

This article outlines 7 tips to help you navigate the sometimes-rocky waters of adult friendship.


Sometimes the best way to build a meaningful connection is to get a little nosy. Actually Curious is the conversation card game that helps you build trust and empathy. 


If fear is stopping you from having (or doing) what you want most—starting a podcast, taking an epic trip, writing a book, applying for a scholarship, or even trying a new workout class-it’s time to go for it.

 Creator-educator Monique Malcolm’s latest book Don’t Let Fear Have All The Fun is your practical guide to quieting those fears and getting yourself moving


As a part of My Reset Year, I’m currently building out a list of 52 mini challenges to find your inner spark and cultivate the change you need. Here’s a sneak peek related to connection: 

Reach out to someone you genuinely care about and miss. Share your favorite memory with them. 


Here are 3 empowering life lessons from Wednesday Addams 

This is my Reset Year

Here’s an inspirational quote from MLK Jr. 

You Can Always Rewrite Your Story

You Can Always Rewrite Your Story

How beautiful is it that we can create change in our own lives? Simply by believing in our capacity to do so.  AN INTERESTING LINK Here are 7 ideas for a 7 day reset that you can try. By taking a week to focus on yourself and your well-being, you can refocus your...

This is My Reset Year

This is My Reset Year

This is my reset year  A year of thoughtful reflectionNew beginningsDeep learning Meaningful relationships Uninhibited joyAnd intentional growth  This is my reset year.