Here’s how you really let go

by | Personal Development

For so much time I held life with clenched fists, doing my best to control the outcomes. 

I thought if I held my hands tight, maybe I could keep all the good in and keep all the bad out. 

But even with closed fists, there is loss. 

You hold on to “it”

Whatever “it” may be for you. 

Dreams, desires, people, ideals, idols. 

But unfortunately, you can’t enjoy something if you’re too desperate to keep it captive.

And if you hold something too tight, eventually you wring the life out of it. 

This has been a season of letting go. 

Of releasing closed fists and sitting with open hands. 

Inviting good and accepting bad to come as it may. 

A little less expectation and somehow a lot more joy. 


Where in your life are you holding on too tightly for a specific outcome? 

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