Here are our favorite links from June

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Every issue of the SoCurious newsletter includes links to interesting things I found on the internet. Here’s a recap of my favorite links from June.

A life update: Mercury is out of retrograde. So now you can start blaming yourself when things go wrong. J/k we can always blame the stars.

Beginner level exercises are the new niche for fitness

I’m feeling philosophical these days. This article explains the one-way direction or asymmetry of time that’ss often referred to as the arrow of time.

Real talk: Sometimes other people know your pain better than you

The Four Steps to Utilizing Sleep as a Powerful Manifestation Tool

“The people who weep before my pictures are having the same religious experience I had when I painted them.” When I visited the Rothko chapel it was a transformative life experience. Here’s how not to experience Mark Rothko’s paintings.

For the serial daters, here are 10 green flags in online dating

Why So Many Smart People Aren’t Happy

There are only 24 hours in a day. The 5 hour rule can help you turn a wasted day into a successful one. 

The 20 Keys To A Brand Story

Here’s how to say no without burning bridges

5 Ways I Get Excited To Cook When I Really Don’t Feel Like It. Confession: I’m NEVER excited to cook. 

The best version of you is probably waiting behind a little procrastination. Here are 5 stoic habits to help you with that. 

Here’s a 6 step plan for better rest

No one is born confident. It’s actually something you can learn. 

Understanding Your Emotional Triggers — and How to Cope

Burnout and How to Avoid It

4 types of intimacy that go beyond just sex 

Designing for social justice: What does it mean to create radical posters for the 21st Century?

WOW! The First Surviving Art Signed by an African-American Woman

If we can only break through the awkwardness barrier, striking up conversations at random is the cheapest form of therapy there is

3 Reasons to Journal Daily

3 Reasons to Journal Daily

There’s a long list of ways to go about knowing yourself, but journaling just might be at the top.  Few people take advantage of the clarity that journaling can bring. It helps you cope with stress and anxiety. It’s also a beautiful way to record the life-changing...

5 Useful Tips to Maintain the Journaling Habit

5 Useful Tips to Maintain the Journaling Habit

It’s hard to stick to habits that support your growth as an individual. It takes the average person 66 days to seriously adopt a new behavior. So don’t beat yourself up if you’ve already tried to start a journal, but it didn’t quite go as expected. Here are a few ways...