Here are our favorite links from February

by | Feb 9, 2022 | Link Love

The Weekly Reset is an inspirational newsletter that encourages creative people to live a happier and healthier life. 

In our weekly email we collect interesting links from across the internet. Here are our favorites from February.

What We Lose When We Erase Queer Black History

10 Tech Predictions for 2022

What It’s Like to Truly Be Friends With Your Ex

Why Black Women Are Divesting From Excellence & Embracing Mediocrity

2022 Marketing Trends

Why is this kid so fly?

An honest self-help guide: Stuff that works for me

Your Guide To Starting A Wellness Journal

25 Fun Games To Play During Your Galentine’s Day Zoom Party

What is school for?

An 8-year-old slid his handwritten book onto a library shelf. It now has a years-long waitlist.

Let’s talk about toxic work culture

What To Get Someone For Valentine’s Day If You Just Started Dating

Make juice for yourself…with a BLENDER!!!!!

Employers aren’t letting go of workers. That’s another indicator of worker power.

Cold baths, cherry juice and sleep: the secret to staying fit in your 40s

Here are some really terrible tattoos. 

Novelist Smith Henderson offers a swift kick to get you started writing that novel.

Obsessing over young_emporers and their epic fashion reels on Instagram.  

Making scribble art collages for stress relief

Loving these androgynous style videos from Jade Fox on Youtube. 

This site literally has all the best home goods for less than $25.

Thinking about stoicism 

Wordiebird is like wordle, but super hard. I keep playing and losing. 

Your Personality, Explained by Your Annoying Household Habits

Obsessing over the coy collection and their feel good ceramics. 

Love this espresso martini recipe

Learning that expression is compression. This article sums up the creative process of making these weekly emails in an interesting way.

Young women were lured to Tumblr by fandom and fashion. Now they’ve turned coding into a career.

Here are our favorite links from January

Here are our favorite links from January

The 3 Elements of Charisma Self-care won't solve every problem, but these quick and easy activities may at least bring some happiness to your day. Design predictions inspired by Tiktok Gym Anxiety: Strategies to Overcome Gymtimidation 8 Nutrient-Dense Foods You'll...

Here Are Our Favorite Links from December

Here Are Our Favorite Links from December

In our weekly email we collect interesting links from across the internet. Here are our favorites from December. Sometimes pretending to be outgoing can make you feel better. A Simple Hack to Help You Beat That Mid-Afternoon Slump 20 Things to do instead of...

Link Love 001

Link Love 001

This week I worked on making some meaningful updates to the website. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but I’m most excited to share the new blog. Lofi hiphop has been playing in the background all the time in the Shiels household. It's soooo relaxing, but...