Here Are Our Favorite Links from December

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In our weekly email we collect interesting links from across the internet. Here are our favorites from December.

Sometimes pretending to be outgoing can make you feel better.

A Simple Hack to Help You Beat That Mid-Afternoon Slump

20 Things to do instead of scrolling through your phone

People that say: “I’m the main character” are at best a little annoying and at worst a bit of a A-hole. This article is a good guide to channeling self confidence without being a jerk.

Here’s when you should go to bed according to science

Caricature Art: The Fascinating History of the Art of Exaggeration

Lockdown’s Over and I Still Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything. What’s Wrong with Me?

Here’s why you don’t need a dedicated office space when you work remote

The “Grateful To Be Here” Generation Has Some Apologizing To Do

‘It’s the biggest open secret out there’: the double lives of white-collar workers with two jobs

How to break up with bad habits

How to Be the Guest That Gets Invited to Every Dinner

How to Teach Yourself to Be (A Little Bit) More Optimistic

Introducing Generation Alpha

Nine Micro Life Hacks I Found on Reddit (That Are Surprisingly Useful)

Why You Should Assume Everyone Is Stupid, Lazy, and Possibly Insane (Including You)

These 4 spices could help you live longer. 

A new study says dogs can understand 89 words or phrase

If You Want to Help the World, Work on Yourself

Here are some food trends of 2022 

How to be more selfless

Feel-Good Food Shows to Binge-Watch Over Your Holiday Break

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3 Reasons to Journal Daily

3 Reasons to Journal Daily

There’s a long list of ways to go about knowing yourself, but journaling just might be at the top.  Few people take advantage of the clarity that journaling can bring. It helps you cope with stress and anxiety. It’s also a beautiful way to record the life-changing...

5 Useful Tips to Maintain the Journaling Habit

5 Useful Tips to Maintain the Journaling Habit

It’s hard to stick to habits that support your growth as an individual. It takes the average person 66 days to seriously adopt a new behavior. So don’t beat yourself up if you’ve already tried to start a journal, but it didn’t quite go as expected. Here are a few ways...