1000 versions of myself

by | Personal Development

I was looking through old photos of myself and I realized that version of me was long gone.

I had evolved into something new.

Something more whole.

And let me be clear: I love that old version of me. 
The insecurities. The hesitation. The innocence. The ambition.
That was the perfect Justin for that time and place.  

But I also love this new me I’ve become. 
A little more confident. A little more clear. A little less innocent. And still, unfortunately, very ambitious. 

Sometimes it’s nice to look back, but I’m actually pretty happy living in this moment.

6 interesting Ways to Journal

6 interesting Ways to Journal

When you think of keeping a journal, I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is the traditional “Dear Diary” format--basically a letter that recaps your day.  But there are so many ways to keep a journal. You can write full sentences or fragments of ideas....