Good Morning Sunshine texts have officially ended. 

Get daily inspirational texts, joyful illustrations, and weekly challenges from illustrator and author Justin Shiels. 

There is so much darkness in this world.
We watch it on the news. 
We see it on our social feeds. 

But humanity is not just despair. 
Humanity is not just pain. 
Humanity is not just destruction.

There has to be a counterbalance to the calamity. 

We are the good

We are the light 

We are supposed to do small, but meaningful things that show others that joy is real, that peace is possible, and that hope exists.

Good Morning Sunshine is a daily text that reminds you to focus on the good in the world. 

I’m a creative entrepreneur, author, and heart-centered coach for curious people.

I create projects that focus on empathy, design, and culture.

My passion is making ideas happen—turning handwritten notes into educational content that changes the hearts and minds of people (usually on the internet).

I created Good Morning Sunshine because I want to spread a little joy in the world. I want to remind people that everything you can imagine is possible. I want to encourage meaningful breakthroughs in people’s lives.

I would be honored if you subscribed to my daily texts. 

How much do Good Morning Sunshine Texts cost? 

It’s $7 a month.

I don’t live in the United States. Can I still subscribe? 

Unfortunately no. The SMS service we use only allows us to text in the United States. 

How do I unsubscribe? 

To stop receiving texts, simply type “Stop.” To officially unsubscribe, email

Why should I pay for this? 

Signing up for Good Morning sunshine is the next step in growing sustainable revenue for an artist that simply wants to build a more beautiful world with his creative work. Become a patron of my art and help subsidize the hours it takes to make the free SoCurious weekly newsletter, joy-filled social media, and Youtube videos that spread smiles.

What’s an example of a weekly challenge? 

The challenges will always focus on something small, but meaningful you can try. The goal is to get you out of your comfort zone, but nothing will be so crazy that you can’t do it in a 7 day period. 

Can I gift this to a friend?

Absolutely! But also maybe tell them about it first. When you’re entering in the name and phone number, make sure to use the information for the person that will be receiving the text messages.

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