September 2022: Justin’s Business and Life Review

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Hey there, beautiful humans! 

This is the second official business and life review where I share a behind the scenes peek into the highlights, the challenges, what I’ve recently created, what I’m currently consuming, and some goals for the next month. 

September was both good and challenging. It felt like so much hard work was taking place, but in some ways I felt like I was a bit blocked. Perhaps it was Mercury in Retrograde, but overall I felt less optimistic than normal. That being said there were some great highlights. Here’s the full recap: 

1. I received the art notes on the book

Turning in the second draft of my workbook to my publisher was a whirlwind. I hit the deadline on time and celebrated with a trip to New Orleans. But as weeks started to pass as I waited on feedback, I got a bit nervous. 

I think this thing happens with creative people where we start to doubt our work. I’ll be honest, I went through all the phases of feeling like I’m not quite good enough. But fortunately I was able to move through that doubt into an understanding that my goal is to make the best work possible and that involves editing and making changes to make sure the work really shines…. That’s just the process. 

After receiving the art notes, I finally felt like I could breathe. 

While there are lots of changes, the majority of the feedback that I received I genuinely agree with, so I was actually thankful to have a neutral third party to give me thoughts on how to just make things better. 

The process is slow, but I’m slowly starting to see the finish line. I cannot wait til this first one is done so I can start working on the next one! 

If you’re looking to transform you life now, you can order my self-published book, The Reset Workbook.

2. I relaunched the Patreon account and invited some new members into the fold 

One of the most important things for any creative person is building a sustainable revenue stream of predictable income. My goal is to get 100 patrons in the next 3 months, but I think its going to take a lot more dedicated content creation to hit that goal. 

But to entice readers to join in following my journey, I started posting regularly on the Patreon channel with lots of fun freebies. I also decided to offer a special promotion where I’m sending out a batch of postcards to the current subscribers. 

Are you interested in helping to see SoCurious grow? Have you been moved by the art that I’ve created? Become a patron. 

3. The Youtube channel continues to grow. 

I knew that launching a Youtube channel would be hard, but I severely underestimated the amount of time and effort it takes to make one video.The good news is that I absolutely love making video content. It’s an interesting way to do storytelling that challenges me to think about audio and visuals in an exciting new way. I genuinely love it. 

The first four videos are focused on the creator economy. The purpose here was to make content that solidified my expertise as a creative entrepreneur. I’m actually in love with where I landed with the videos and feel really proud that I was able to commit and complete 4 videos. But it my second batch I want to switch things up a bit. 

I’d like to focus a little more on the woo woo, feelings side of me a little more and make some content that centers on the art that I create, motivational affirmations, and some more content that centers self care and wellness.

If you would like to do me a huge favor, would you head to my channel and subscribe. You can also help me grow by leaving a comment, liking a video, or watching the full video through to the end. 

I’m still in the early days, so my video views are still radically low and your support could be a gamechanger. 

4. I’m excited to share that I’m an official speaker for Badassery, a curated marketplace for diverse thought leaders to get paid speaking gigs 

Speaking is not only a passion, its probably the thing that i love to do the most. Storytelling is the heart of everything I do and sharing practical tips sets my heart on fire. 

Currently I have two workshops that I teach:

  • Unlock Your Creative Potential with 30-day Challenges (which I’m actually teaching at the Neurodiverse Entrepreneur Conference Oct 18-20th. Sign up, it’s free)
  • How to Use Self-Care to Build a High-Performing Team 
  • No, really… everyone is creative

You can book me for your next event here:

5. I’m officially working with my first set of coaching clients. 

One of the greatest things to happen in September was that I was able to meet with 6 different people to learn more about them and their creative journey. Being a coach for creative people has always been a dream because I love investing in people and their growth.

The biggest thing that I’ve missed in this journey of being a fulltime artist and writer is having the time and space to connect with other people. And as a Creative Director in advertising and marketing it was a big part of my job to mentor my team. Coaching absolutely fills that void. 

The biggest challenges I’ve seen from the people I’ve met with so far are: 

  • Finding focus and narrowing the to-do list to the most important elements 
  • Moving beyond fear and just starting
  • Promoting your work both on social, but also individually to the people in your network 
  • Building a winning portfolio 
  • Creating a marketing plan that helps you to achieve your goals 
  • Knowing when and when not to invest
  • Giving yourself grace in the process 
  • Letting go of the vanity metrics of social media 
  • Trusting your gut and moving forward despite the fear that comes up 
  • Making adjustments and pivoting when things are not working 

If you’re interested in learning more about coaching with me, you can sign up for a free discovery call here. 

Things I created in September

Ask Me Anything About Being a Creative Director – Blog and Video

Side Hustle Ideas for Creative People – Blog and Video

Best tools, software, and apps for creators – Blog Post

Some new illustrations of aliens that I’m obsessed with – On Instagram

Let’s talk about how sneaky fear can be in your creative journey – Inspirational Post

Motivational mantras to encourage a growth mindset – Blog Post

6 Types of Full time Creators – Youtube Video

Printable Planner Pages – Sometimes the best way to clear your brain is to write it out. These Printable Planner Pages include the organizational tools you need to grow your business. Pages include: Best Year Ever, Quarterly Goal Setting, Quarterly Recap, Best Month Ever, Monthly Goals, Monthly Recap, Best Week Ever, Meal Prep Planning, Workout Recap, Best Day Ever, Action Plan, and a Weekly Planner

These pages are free for Patrons or you can download them for $19 from the online shop

Patreon Exclusive Audio: Here’s how a $200 pair of shoes changed my life.

Currently reading: 

The FireStarter Sessions by Danielle Laporte (1 chapter left)

Why I love it: It genuinely hits you in the heart and shakes out the fear around defining success on your own terms

The Dark Archive (The Invisible Library Novel Book 6) by Genevieve Cogman (in progress)

Why I love it: This fast paced sci fi and fantasy book series blends everything I love about books, the victorian era, and murder mysteries.

Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic by Osho

Why I love it: Sometimes I can get stuck in my own head. I’m learning to live in a better state of knowing and this book is unlocking some hidden secrets. 

What should I be reading? Shoot me a DM on Instagram. 

Currently watching:  

Bee and Puppycat on Netflix

It’s kinda like Steven Universe (my favorite cartoon of all time) but much weirder. 

The Good Fight on Paramount+

A cerebral deep dive into law, politics, and identity politics. Every season gets trippier and trippier and the final season is not disappointing. 

Reasonable Doubt on Hulu 

The only way I can describe this show is that its like a mix of Scandal and She’s Gotta Have It. A little messy at times, but the cinematography is so beautiful and the plot line is VERY compelling so far. 

What else should I be watching? Shoot me a DM on Instagram. 

Goals recap from last month: 

1. Officially relaunch my Patreon page

Status: Complete, although I have plans to continue to promote the Patreon in new and innovative ways. 

2. Learn how to cook a new meal. 

Status: I learned how to cook turkey meatballs with a delicious asian sauce. It’s sooooo good!

3. Book 6 coaching calls

Status: Technically complete, but this is staying on the list for next month.  

4. Take professional headshots. 

Status: Incomplete. Moving to this month’s goal list. 

5. Schedule at least one podcast or speaking engagement. 

Status: Completed. Sign up for the Neurodiverse Entrepreneu Conference, it’s free. I’ll also be on a podcast coming out in October that I can’t wait to announce. 

6. Start consistently posting Youtube videos. 

Status: Completed! And continuing to make videos this month as well. 

7. Finish the final draft of my workbook and plan another celebratory vacation. I’m thinking Chicago this time. 

Status: Incomplete.This will actually be a November goal now – which is weird. 

My goals for October 

1. Take professional headshots. 

2. Continue working on the new workbook. Update the art and text based on publisher feedback.

3. Book 6 new introductory calls and convert 2 additional coaching clients. 

4. Launch a new online shop.

5. Release a new product (This is still a secret, so no spoilers yet)

6. Post 4 new videos on Youtube

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