Follow your curiosity

Learn something new today that reminds you to live a happier, healthier life.

Mastering Short-form Video

The best way to find your voice and build your audience is to regularly share your ideas. In this course you learn how to master your mindset and press record.

Planning with Purpose

2024 is your chance to design a life you love. In this course you use your vision and values to develop a 90 day action plan to achieve your goals

My Reset Year

Sometimes the easiest way to make significant change is to step outside your comfort zone. This course offers 52 challenges to help you reset your life.

Creative Reset

Feeling blocked is a normal part of the creative process, but getting unblocked takes dedicated focus. This course helps you let go of limiting beliefs and commit to 30 days of courageous creativity.

30 days of Joy

We all need a little more joy in our lives. This course offers 30 inspirational emails that help you find your joy in your everyday life.

Personal Branding Masterclass

The best way to grow in your creative career is to build your personal brand. ln this course, you learn the 9 steps to building an authentic personal brand.

Work Reset

Finding balance in your work life and personal life can be challenging. In this course you learn practical tips to set yourself up for longterm work/life harmony.

30 days of hope

Sometimes life can feel challenging for an extended period of time. This course offers 30 days of inspirational emails to help you find hope during the difficult times.

Building community

Finding your tribe takes time and effort. In this two week course, you learn the power of finding and nurturing your community.