i made a whole podcast y’all

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Here’s a quick recap of what you might have missed in Season 1 of the SoCurious About podcast. 

Episode 1: Here’s how affirmations literally changed my life

Episode 2: Here’s How I Created an Affirmation Card Deck from Scratch: My Step-by-Step Process 

Episode 3: 10 Thoughts on Life – Inspirational ideas for cultivating sustainable joy

Episode 4: Ask Me Anything 001: How to Find Work and Life Harmony

Episode 5: How to make a quarterly vision board

Episode 6: 9 Thoughts on Building Your Creative Career

Episode 7: Ask Me Anything #002 – What does a creative director actually do?

This was an experiment in testing out a new format of content delivery. If you’re willing, I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. You can reply to this email or shoot me a DM on Instagram.  

Season 2 is launching in November. (maybe?)

So I’ve got some big news: Introducing the Reset Workbook

So I’ve got some big news: Introducing the Reset Workbook

So I’ve got some big news. After many months of research, writing, illustrating, editing, and waiting, I can officially say: The Reset Workbook is officially available for preorder on Amazon! This fun guided journal is designed to help you build emotional...

Introducing the “In My Feelings” Collection

Introducing the “In My Feelings” Collection

Emotions are the colors of life. My new collection of art prints is called "In My Feelings" and features some of my favorite pieces from the upcoming Reset Workbook that releases later this year.  My work is a visual journey into living with intention and features...