i made a whole podcast y’all

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Here’s a quick recap of what you might have missed in Season 1 of the SoCurious About podcast. 

Episode 1: Here’s how affirmations literally changed my life

Episode 2: Here’s How I Created an Affirmation Card Deck from Scratch: My Step-by-Step Process 

Episode 3: 10 Thoughts on Life – Inspirational ideas for cultivating sustainable joy

Episode 4: Ask Me Anything 001: How to Find Work and Life Harmony

Episode 5: How to make a quarterly vision board

Episode 6: 9 Thoughts on Building Your Creative Career

Episode 7: Ask Me Anything #002 – What does a creative director actually do?

This was an experiment in testing out a new format of content delivery. If you’re willing, I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. You can reply to this email or shoot me a DM on Instagram.  

Season 2 is launching in November. (maybe?)

Here’s how affirmations literally changed my life

Here’s how affirmations literally changed my life

Breaking news: Affirmations aren't just for hippies and dreamers. Even though I’m kinda a hippie and definitely a dreamer. Here’s the story behind why I made an affirmation card deck. I’ve always struggled with self-confidence. I somehow can simultaneously feel like...