Find a way to make an impact with Maya G. Pete

by | Humans

Impact… It’s the thing that motivates New York based writer and body positivity enthusiast, Maya G. Pete.

In her Stanford University honors thesis, she wrote about the influence and weight of the “N” word. She pointed to the ways that one word alone has dismantled and created identities. It’s amazing what words have the power to do. Maya understands that. 

She says the thing that moves her is understanding, “..the impact that doing what I love has on my own joy and the possible impact it can have on others: Black women and plus size women.”

Pre-pandemic it wouldn’t have been uncommon to find her working in a local coffee shop. “My favorite coffee shop was right next to the Americana Mall in Glendale. I could write and then go shopping.” 

To get out of a creative rut and over writer’s block, shopping is her go-to. “Seriously, clothing really inspires art within me. When I’m feeling more sustainable, however, I go for a walk in the park or around the Brooklyn Piers. Being outside reminds me of God’s blessings and allows me a moment to disconnect from technology. 

She knows how demanding having an online presence can be. “At the moment it’s a 3-way tie between my two instagrams: @maya.esthetic and and my blog:”

Through those three avenues Maya has found a way to make an impact with her writing for those traveling the paths of self-love and self-actualization.

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