Build a strong self image with Kel Cadet-Lyons

by | Humans

photo credit: The Crafter’s Box

Kel Cadet-Lyons, Founder and Lead Creative at R-Ki-Tekt, is the chief architect in helping people construct a strong self-image through leather goods, jewelry and tech-wear. 

Originally from Nyack, NY, Kel is living on the outskirts of Atlanta drawing inspiration from her Caribbean-American heritage. 

“I pull a lot from [the] culture and music, food, art, the landscaping – the way the buildings are decorated in the islands. Nothing really matches. Nothing looks put together and coordinated according to Western standards. It’s just kind of an amalgamation of whatever we have and it’s still made beautiful.” 

Not unlike how we build our own lives. We take pieces from the people we’ve known, the places we’ve lived, and our experiences to mold them into who we are. 

“I know the brand is called R-Ki-Tekt but it’s not based on architecture as an art principle. It’s based on the idea of you building yourself. You are the architect of your life.” 

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