Let your thing find you with social media manager, Breanna Powell

by | Humans

Breanna Powell didn’t choose the social media life, the social media life chose her.

A content creator and social media manager from Durham, NC, Breanna’s planned route was to join the field of social work. During the summer of 2020 a different path presented itself. “My first love is building authentic relationships with people and serving others. I was able to merge my love for building relationships with my passion for social media and content creation.”

She doesn’t give into the social media pressure of following trends or the heavy influence to rush yourself to produce. “I stay ahead by staying in my lane and going at my pace. The moment you start focusing on what everyone else is doing, that’s exactly when you start swerving.”

“I don’t worry about staying “ahead,” I just worry about doing what I do best and getting better everyday – whatever that means for me.”

To get into a flow, Breanna writes things out and listens to music. “I start by creating a to-do list. I am the least effective when my tasks are just living in my head. On any given day, I have fifty’leven tabs open up there. Once I know what I’m doing, I put my phone on [do not disturb], turn the volume all the way up on a vibey playlist and I bury myself into what I’m doing.”

“My ideal circumstance [is] a bomb aesthetic, warm scented candles lit, lots of natural light, and all of my meals prepped for the day, snacks included!”

It’s important to honor your own timing. For Breanna it’s about being intentional with time. “One of the things that I started doing once I realized how quickly my business was growing, was schedule time off. This year, I take off every other Friday PLUS a full week every other month. This is my way of proactively prioritizing self-care. Typically, we wait until shit hits the fan or we’re way past overwhelmed to take a break, but I wanted to do better about that.”

Her best practical self-care advice is to, “Be proactive about self-care rather than reactive. Meaning, don’t wait until you “need” to take care of yourself to do so…make self-care your top priority.”

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